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Preliminary topics of the programme:

Biomarkers in oncology

  • Recommended procedure for examination of tumor markers
    •  in prostate cancer
    • in liver and pancreatic cancer
    • in colorectal cancer
    • in breast cancer
    • in lung cancer
  • Interpretation of results and their correlation with other results (biochemical imaging techniques, clinical picture, etc.)
  • Casuistics – in the form of posters

Biomarkers in cardiology

  • In diagnostics
  • In primary and secondary prevention


  • Screening programs
  • Diagnosis of thyroid disease
  • Reproductive endocrinology
  • Bone metabolism disorders
  • Vitamin D

Personalized medicine

  • In diagnostics
  • In treatment
  • In prevention

Biomarkers of inflammation


  • Stability of stored analytes
  • Quality control

Innovations and news in immunoanalysis and related fields